Genuinely Non-Boring Reads in the Exhilarating Genre of Financial Literature

Published by Leah Earle on Oct 05, 2017

  In this digital age, I still value a good book. Not on a Kindle or e-reader of any kind, an actual book that you can physically hold in your hands on the dock at the cottage. One that, if it’s any good... Continue reading

Why Do We Have A Newsletter?

Published by Leah Earle on Sep 29, 2017

Snail mail… It’s used less and less these days. It has become a weekly (or sometimes monthly) duty to check it and find piles of pizza coupons and real estate brochures. But, if you are on our mailing... Continue reading

Should I Be Paying Off My Mortgage or Putting Money into My RRSP?

Published by Bill Bell on Aug 15, 2017

  One of the most common questions asked to financial advisors is something along the lines of “should I be paying off my mortgage, or putting money into my RRSP?”  If that’s a question that keeps you... Continue reading

Blood Won Lessons about Finance From the Houses of Game of Thrones

Published by Leah Earle on Jul 19, 2017

  Game of Thrones is back with a new season and I’ve never seen winter welcomed so heartily in the midst of summer. Looking at the show from a financial perspective one notices that there is a lot to ... Continue reading

Why You Need to Embrace the Future and Read our Blog

Published by Bill Bell on Jul 06, 2017

  I’m old enough to distinctly remember what it was like not to be connected to everyone at all times.  In fact, I’m old enough to remember that with a certain feeling of loss.  In the “good old days”... Continue reading

Welcome to the Bell Financial Blog

Published by Leah Earle on Jun 22, 2017

  Coming Soon! Experience insights and tips about finance and stay in touch with the Bell FInancial team through our new blog!   Coming July 2017. ... Continue reading