Why Financial Planning?

A financial plan helps us to balance our financial lives, focussing our attention on those areas that are important to us right now, while simultaneously giving the appropriate attention to areas that are destined to become important to us in the future. With the big picture as a backdrop, we make the right financial decisions.

Your Planning Process

A good financial plan starts with good information to establish the here and now with complete clarity. Then, goals are established, things like a comfortable retirement, educating children, the purchase of a cottage in the north or condo in the south, or renovations to the home. Finally, a financial plan is created that becomes the road map to the desired goals, following the changing texture of life and pointing at all times to the most effective path to follow. Financial planning ensures that the most appropriate tools are given due consideration, be that registered savings plans, tax advantaged investments, insurance or other financial products, and allows us to effectively move from accumulating assets during working years, to generating income in retirement to maximizing legacy 

We provide a financial plan, without charge, to all clients. We believe it’s that important.