Our Philosophy

At Bell Financial we seek to align our clients’ goals, risk-tolerance and personality to create optimized investment portfolios. By successfully doing this we position portfolios for the long-term and help to maximize risk-adjusted returns.

What We Offer 

We have access to just about any investment vehicle out there. We can offer stocks, bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Segregated Funds, Principal Protected Notes, High Interest Savings Accounts, Closed-End Funds, Annuities, GICs, Hedge Funds, Private Equity opportunities and much, much more. 

Client Experience 

In addition to tailoring portfolios to clients’ goals and personalities, as asset size grows we have increased flexibility. Sophisticated risk management investments, advanced tax saving strategies, and even Private Wealth Management options such as Infrastructure and Real Estate Partnerships and Private Equity placements are just a few of the additional investment strategies available to Higher-Net-Worth clients. 

Bell Financial can provide the best in investment advice to clients of any size.