Employee Benefits and Group Retirement Client Service Promise:

We will

  • Ask lots of questions to determine the client’s needs and wants
  • Design and build the plan based on the client’s unique specifications
  • Market and price the plan
  • Recommend the Service Provider
  • Launch the plan: employee meetings; plan administrator training
  • Offer individual meetings as required
  • Provide quarterly reporting and monitoring
  • Conduct annual benefits renewal meetings
  • Conduct annual group retirement governance meetings; CAP compliance reviews
  • Facilitate annual employee communication sessions
  • Offer employee access to licensed individual financial advisors at no additional cost
  • Offer employer access to licensed advisors regarding shareholder agreement funding, key executive coverage and succession planning at no additional cost
  • Provide advice to terminating employees regarding transfer of group retirement assets and conversion of group benefits to individual plans


Our ultimate goal is to achieve the Win-Win-Win objective as described above.  When needs and expectations are met for all stakeholders, a successful long-term relationship has been created.