Why You Need A Will

Published by Bill Bell on Jul 05, 2018

    Many Canadians who should have a will don’t have one. Recent studies disagree on how many people don’t have a will but the range starts at 50% and that is already too many. people think that you only need a will if you have lots of money and/or if...

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Financial Lessons in a Galaxy Far Far Away

Published by Leah Earle on May 23, 2018

I know that Star Wars happened a long, long time ago but there are still some valuable lessons to be learned from the galactic empire and its unlikely heroes. Here are just a few... Be Careful When Investing According to a super cool scholar named Zachary...

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Timeless Advice About Work-Life Balance

Published by Leah Earle and Bill Bell on Feb 08, 2018

Part of my job at Bell Financial is to define our voice on social media; who we are, who’s our audience, and what content is our audience looking for? The voice of Bell Financial is something that Bell Financial founder Bill Bell has spent his entire...

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Work After Retirement

Published by Bill Bell on Feb 01, 2018

Ever have a bad day at work and catch yourself daydreaming about what it’ll be like when you finally retire?   Sure, everyone does. Still, despite the perfect life we might imagine retirement to be, for a great many when retirement does come, it is met...

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It’s 2018! In fact we are already almost a month in, so - New year’s resolutions? Yeah, they are likely already amended or broken altogether, but here are three things you should resolve to do this year with respect to your finances.   First of all, make...

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Words to Live By

Published by Leah Earle on Jan 11, 2018

“A short sentence or phrase chosen as encapsulating the beliefs or ideals guiding an individual, family, or institution.” Jeopardy answer: what is a motto. Everyone has some idea or overlying rule with which they live their lives. It’s not everything...

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Happy Holidays!

Published by Bill Bell on Dec 25, 2017

Life is expensive and without some form of post-secondary education it’s nearly impossible to get a job that will cover these expenses. That’s why so many parents start saving to help educate their bundles of joy while they are still, well, bundles of...

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Some people do their own taxes, some people manage their own investments, and some people don’t know where to find their bank balance. There are countless resources available online that will help you get smarter and savvier with your money. Here are...

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5 Questions For Your New Financial Advisor

Published by Bill Bell on Nov 14, 2017

If you are looking for a financial advisor (and if you are we hope you aren’t one of our clients), you may find yourself drawn more to the sales pitches of the advisors you should avoid, than to the sincere words of a potentially great advisor.  Here’s...

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