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Our Story

Bell Financial is a financial services company located in Aurora Ontario. We specialize in comprehensive financial planning with an aim to create positive financial futures for all of our clients.

We believe that having enough money to live isn’t good enough. A financial plan acts as a map that guides you on the road to your envisioned financial future. So that you can live the life you want to.

Bell Financial was founded in 1996 when computers looked like big clunky boxes and founder William Bell still had dark hair.

Bill, as he is most often called, looked at the finance industry and realized that there was a huge gap between what advisors said they were doing for their clients and what they actually did.

Bill grew up in Bradford with parents who valued honesty, integrity, and hard work. They raised their children to have a strong sense of right and wrong.

Family and community were of the upmost importance in the Bell household and this shaped Bill’s passion for helping others.

At the heart of the inception of Bell Financial was one singular goal: to help as many people possible in the most profound way possible.

Bill has achieved this goal time and again by building relationships and truly listening to clients so that they can take their vision of the future, and with his help, make it possible.

In 2011 Bell Financial grew as Bill’s eldest daughter Leah married Jon Earle. Jon was a professional engineer with an MBA focusing on finance. It didn't take long for Bill to realize that Jon was the person he had been looking for to lead his business into the future.

Bill convinced Jon that he should make a career change. The two of them share a passion for helping people and agree that the key to financial services is to put their clients needs first. As the years have passed the company has changed, (we're on Twitter now!), but it's purpose and core values have not. Helping others secure their financial futures is what we do.

Come work with us and you will see!

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