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Employee Benefits
& Group Retirement Services

Bell Financial’s Employee Benefits and Group Retirement Division offers independent advisory services to small-to-medium-sized companies. We develop close working relationships with our clients, delivering benefits and services from design to implementation and regular follow-up. All of our business relationships are governed and fostered by our Core Beliefs.

Why Bell Financial and The Benefits Alliance?

Bell Financial is an affiliated member of The Benefits Alliance (BA), Canada’s largest independent benefits advisory organization, with 30 firms and over 200 advisors servicing over 7,500 group clients across the country.

The field of employee benefits is complex and evolving rapidly. Everyone seems to have an opinion (solicited or otherwise) about your company’s benefits plans, and often the information received is confusing and contradictory. How can you be sure that you’re getting the best advice?

No one has all the answers

If you could tap into the collective experience and intelligence of your industry peers across the country, would that help you in your business? At BA, that’s exactly what we do: we collaborate with many of the top minds in the benefits field to help get you the answers and tailored advice that you need to make good decisions.

Customized Reports

Wondering how your benefits plans stack up against companies competing for the best talent in your field? BA advisors can access and customize Benchmarking reports that can expose gaps in benefits coverage and identify strategic opportunities to gain a competitive advantage over the competition.


Keeping on top of the constantly shifting benefits landscape can be challenging, especially when governments keep trying to change the rules. Advisors affiliated with BA act collectively to form a powerful and influential body that advocates and negotiates with government agencies on our clients’ behalf. Advocacy means that you get a seat at the table before legislation is passed.

Preferred Provider Network

Does size matter when it comes to creating innovative products and services for our group clients? The answer is yes: through our Preferred Provider Network of insurers and specialty suppliers, advisors can leverage the size and strength of BA to offer our clients unique and creative offerings at a competitive price.

If you want to learn more about the Benefits Alliance click here.