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Employee Benefits
& Group Retirement Services

Bell Financials Employee Benefits and Group Retirement Division offers independent advisory services to small-to-medium-sized companies.  We develop close working relationships with our clients, delivering benefits and services from design to implementation and regular follow-up.

All of our business relationships are governed and fostered by our core beliefs.

Core Beliefs - Click to read

Our Core Beliefs

  • First and foremost, Bell Financial believes in The Golden Rule; that we treat our group clients and their employees the way we would expect to be treated.  We learned this as children from our parents and we believe it resonates as strongly today when applied in a business setting.  We believe that mutual respect in all relationships must be the foundation upon which all relationships will grow and flourish. A bit simplistic and naïve? We don’t think so. 
  • We believe in a Win-Win-Win philosophy:  everyone benefits when the client, the advisorand the supplier(or insurer) enter into a relationship where needs and expectations are met on all sides.  Adversarial relationships (I win; you lose) rarely succeed in the long run.  We will advocate on our clients’ behalf to form successful, long-term relationships with our suppliers.  When issues arise to threaten the equilibrium, we will mediate to find a solution to restore balance.  If a solution cannot be found, we will broker a new relationship with a supplier that will once again achieve our goal of win-win-win.  
  • We believe that an educated client is an empowered client. We take the time to explain how employee benefits and group retirement plans are priced, both at plan inception and each year at the annual review.  Although we always ensure that employer costs are minimized, we review the value added services that make up the total offering so clients fully understand what they are paying for.  Costs cannot be properly evaluated without an appreciation of the benefits provided for dollars spent.
  • We believe in the strength of The Benefits Alliance Group to offer our clients unique and competitive products and services.  As a member of Canada's leading national alliance of independent employee benefits advisors, Bell Financial can leverage the size and strength of The Benefits Alliance Group to reduce the total cost of benefits plans and enhance employers’ total offering to staff.
  • We believe that experience matters.  Although our group is small, our employee benefits and group retirement advisors have a combined 60+ years of experience and our support staff can boast of over 70 years’ experience collectively.  And, having worked both on the supplier’s side and the advisor’s side, we can act more effectively to broker successful relationships between our clients and our service providers.

Our Service Promise

We will:

  • Ask lots of questions to determine your specific needs and wants
  • Design and build the plan based on your organization’s unique specifications
  • Market and price the plan
  • Recommend the Service Provider
  • Launch the plan: employee meetings; plan administrator training
  • Offer individual meetings as required
  • Provide quarterly reporting and monitoring
  • Conduct annual benefits renewal meetings
  • Conduct annual group retirement governance meetings; CAP compliance reviews
  • Facilitate annual employee communication sessions
  • Offer employee access to licensed individual financial advisors at no additional cost
  • Offer employer access to licensed advisors regarding shareholder agreement funding, key executive coverage and succession planning at no additional cost
  • Provide advice to terminating employees regarding transfer of group retirement assets and conversion of group benefits to individual plans

Our ultimate goal is to achieve a Win-Win-Win objective.  When needs and expectations are met for all stakeholders, a successful long-term relationship has been created.


Bell Financial and The Benefits Alliance Group


The Benefits Alliance Group is a national organization comprised of 36 independent member firms with more than 175 advisors. Collectively we administer over 7,500 employee benefits plans with $1.15 billion of group insurance premium, and 1,500 group retirement plans and over $3.65 billion in retirement plan assets.  

As a member of the Benefits Alliance Group, Bell Financial is proud to offer our client’s access to a long list of service providers available here.