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Bell Financial has been sending out a snail mail newsletter since '99. What most people find surprising about our newsletter is that in it we don't talk shop at all. We share stories, experiences, and revelations we have in our day-to-day lives. It's kind of like chicken soup for the Bell Financial soul (but better).

Here you will not only find our latest issue but also an archive of all our previous ones. This could keep you busy for days... Enjoy!

summer 2021

The summer that everyone has been dreaming of is in full swing! Sharing some great perspective, summer projects and a great summer recipe this issue is coming in HOT!

spring 2021

Green is starting to sprout everywhere just as family and friends are being vaccinated against Covid-19. We are happy to see spring! In this issue of Possibilities Jon talks about some new additions to his family, Bill shares a wonderful memory, and David tells his vax story.


Winter 2020

With the end of the year fast approaching our team would like to issue a warm congratulations for completing 2020. It was a year of changes and challenges but also for a lot of us a year of personal growth. In  this issue of Possibilities the gang at Bell Financial shares some adorable photos, personal stories and one great recipe. Put on your PJ pants and get cozy for a warm holiday read.

Fall 2020

The air is crisp and the leaves are changing, Fall 2020 is upon us! The finale to a year none of us will ever forget and a year where talking about mental health has been paramount. Jon and David both share with us what has helped them this year. And Bill introduces us to his newest granddaughter! Check it all out and more in this issue of Possibilities. 

Newsletter Archive

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