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Bell Financial has been sending out a snail mail newsletter since '99. What most people find surprising about our newsletter is that in it we don't talk shop at all. We share stories, experiences, and revelations we have in our day-to-day lives. It's kind of like chicken soup for the Bell Financial soul (but better).

Here you will not only find our latest issue but also an archive of all our previous ones. This could keep you busy for days... Enjoy!

Spring 2022

In this issue of Possibilities the gang share some great books that we're currently enjoying. Bill reflects on the anxiety of our world today and the care free nature of childhood. Jon's article takes us on a historical tour of his neighbourhood, and David talks about recovery from injury as one ages. You don't want to miss any of these great articles or the brilliant biscotti recipe that Gloria has shared! Catch up with your friends at Bell Financial here.         

Winter 2021

As everyone settles in for another covid holiday season, the team at Bell Financial reflect on the joy that holidays bring. Whether for you it's stretching out the holidays by putting up lights in July, or by spending extra time with your loved ones, or simply sipping a steaming cup of coffee whilst reading a good book (or our newsletter!), we hope that you find joy this holiday. Join us in looking forward to a new year with hope.

Fall 2021

We have lots of exciting things to share in the fall issue of Possibilities. Bill reflects on his pool's surprising ability to bring people together. The staff share some pictures of what they have been up to lately. You will also find an awesome apple pie recipe, and the thoughts of a man who just turned 40.

summer 2021

The summer that everyone has been dreaming of is in full swing! Sharing some great perspective, summer projects and a great summer recipe this issue is coming in HOT!

Newsletter Archive

Looking for some of our older newsletters?

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