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Responding to the Knock of Opportunity Thumbnail

Responding to the Knock of Opportunity

Working in Financial services it is easy to see how Covid-19 has impacted all our lives. Bell Financial founder, Bill Bell, asks what will be lasting? And will some of it be positive?

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Changing Our Stars Thumbnail

Changing Our Stars

If scientists look hard enough and long enough, they find whatever it is they are looking for. A secret shared with me in 11th grade that helped me in profound ways.

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Robo Advisor Thumbnail

Robo Advisor

One of the most popular movies of 1987 was RoboCop, set in a dystopian Detroit in the year 1990 and featuring a combination of man and machine built to eradicate crime and bring the city back to its former peaceful state (Yes, Detroit).

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Why You Need A Will Thumbnail

Why You Need A Will

People think that you only need a will if you have lots of money and/or if you really want to control who gets what when you’re gone. The fact is, as soon as you have some financial assets of any amount, you should consider doing a will, even if it’s just a simple and inexpensive one to start.

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