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Meet the dream team

William Bell Photo
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William Bell

President & Insurance Agent, Bell Financial Inc.

Financial Advisor, Manulife Securities Incorporated


Bill Bell is the founder and President, of Bell Financial Inc., an organization built on his unique vision that speaks of values, relationships, and dreams. Bill is also the author of two books. Simple Money (2007) is a simple yet powerful guidebook in the search for true wealth, and a refreshing perspective on the role of the financial tools we use. One Step to Wealth (2000) is a provocative and intriguing look at our often distorted view of money and a focused reminder of the importance of knowing what we want.

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Bill spent four years teaching secondary school mathematics before joining the Paul Revere Life Insurance Company in 1984 in search of greater opportunities. He then set his sights on senior management and spent six years as General Manager of the company's Toronto operations gaining widespread recognition as one of Canada's most respected authorities on disability insurance.

In May 1996 Bill set out to pursue yet another dream, that of owning his own financial planning business, and of running his business using principles instead of profits as the guideposts. This was, and still is, an interesting experiment, that by all measures is working incredibly well.

Bill has published more than 100 articles on a variety of topics including wealth management, financial planning, insurance, and observations of the human condition. As a polished speaker and insightful industry observer, Bill is often called upon to address groups both large and small inside and outside the financial industry and he consistently garners high praise for his professional, compelling and entertaining presentations.

Bill holds a B.Math from the University of Waterloo (1980), a B.Ed. from Brock University (1981), a Registered Health Underwriter (RHU) designation (1989), a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation (1998), a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation (2005), and a CIM (2017).

Bill resides in Newmarket, Ont. with his wife Ellen and they have three daughters, Leah, Deandra, and Alexis and four grandchildren (so far).

Jonathan Earle Photo
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Jonathan Earle

Financial Advisor, Manulife Securities Incorporated

Insurance Agent, Bell Financial 

P.Eng, MBA, CFP®, CIM®

Jon completed his undergraduate degree in Engineering at the University of Guelph. After getting settled in the consulting industry, Jon made a decision to concurrently pursue his passion for management and finance by enrolling in the evening MBA program at nearby Wilfred Laurier University, with a concentration in Financial Management. During this time, his focus at work shifted primarily to asset management and business improvement projects, now as a Professional Engineer. It was in asset management where Jon found that his greatest pleasure was working closely with clients to assess their unique and dynamic needs, desires, and risks in order to create sustainable spending plans and improved business practices. 

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It became clear that a focus on financial planning as part of the Bell Financial Advisor Team was a perfect fit for Jon.  As a financial advisor, CFP®Professional, and Chartered Investment Manger (CIM)®, Jon works closely with Bill and Nick to grow Bell Financial sustainably through the core values of integrity and service that the organization was founded on in 1996.  He currently lives in Holland Landing with his wife, Leah, two young boys, Rowan and Callum, and cat, Ender. 

Nick Earle Photo
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Nick Earle

Financial Advisor

Manulife Securities Incorporated

Insurance Advisor Assistant, Bell Financial Inc. .

B.Sc., CIM®

In his current role as Financial Advisor Associate, Nick provides financial planning support to Bill and Jon's clients. His dedicated knowledge of the business allows him to assist to clients in all aspects of the products and services we provide, with a focus on investment products.

In his spare time, Nick is an avid golfer who enjoys painting.

David Frank Photo
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David Frank

Group Benefits, Bell Financial Inc.


After having seen his fiftieth birthday and twenty-fifth anniversary in business hurtle past with frightening speed, David recently found a quiet spot to sit and reflect on The Meaning of Life.  It was, mercifully, a short sit, for his back often seized up when sitting cross-legged for extended periods of time.  In taking stock of his life as it was, he noted with pride that his two children were growing into fine young men, and would soon embark on their personal Journeys of Discovery.  He was thankful that his health complaints were modest and manageable.  He loved, and was loved.  And he still woke up every morning looking forward to going to work.

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Since 1986, David has built a successful benefits advisory practice by offering his clientele a commodity that has become increasingly rare: a relationship built on mutual trust and respect.  His hands-on approach has attracted small to medium sized companies in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.  David is especially excited about The Benefits Alliance Group (formerly E.B.A.I.), Canada’s largest alliance of independent benefit advisory firms.  Its 42 member firms across the country represent over 4,000 employers and manage $350 million in group insurance premiums as well as over $3 billion in group retirement assets.  David can offer his clients the best of both worlds: a high-touch, intimate relationship backed by a very large and powerful national presence that ensures that he can deliver the best advice at the best price.

Having counted his Blessings, and having determined that they were plentiful, David finished his reflections on The Meaning of Life for the time being and headed off to his massage therapist to ease his aching back. 

Laurie Sobie Photo
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Laurie Sobie

Group Benefits, Bell Financial Inc.


Laurie is a founding associate of Bell Financial Inc., and has been a specialist in employee benefits, group retirement and pension plans for over 25 years.

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Upon graduating from Western University in 1983 with a degree in Administrative and Commercial Studies Laurie promptly joined London Life as a repre­sentative in the employee benefits division. She made steady progress through the ranks of London Life, and in 1992 she was appointed Regional Manager for the Central Ontario East region, where she remained until joining Bell Financial in early 1998. Laurie’s success is attributable to a number of things - most notably her range and depth of knowledge in the area of group benefits, and her commitment and dedication to providing outstanding service.  Laurie obtained her Chartered Life Underwriter designation in 1990 and continues to enroll in industry courses to further her knowledge and stay current amidst rapid changes.

She currently sits on the board of the Benefits Alliance Group which is comprised of 36 independent member firms with more than 175 advisors. Collectively we administer over 7,500 employee benefits plans with $1.15 billion of group insurance premium, and 1,500 group retirement plans and over $3.65 billion in retirement plan assets. They share benefit trends and insights, and leverage  in-depth knowledge of the marketplace to provide their clients with the best solutions. They have also created specialized products and services available only through The Benefits Alliance Group. 

Sonia Colhoun Photo
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Sonia Colhoun

Office Manager, Bell Financial Inc.

Client Sales Assistant, Manulife Securities Incorporated


Our office manager, Sonia joined Bill in early 1997, shortly after Bell Financial was founded, and has been in charge of all administration services ever since. Most of us credit Sonia with setting the tone of our office, which you all know to be very efficient and most congenial.

Sonia is married to Rob and they have two children, Patrick and Thomas. 

Gloria Fragomeni Photo
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Gloria Fragomeni

Administrative Assistant, Manulife Securities Incorporated


Gloria's primary role is that of Bill's assistant. She knows Bill well, having worked with him for 12 years with a major disability insurance company. Gloria joined Bell Financial in 2001 to help keep Bill organized and busy, and instantly became an invaluable asset.

Gloria is married to Cosimo, a pharmacist, and they have one child, Daniel. 

Liz Bondi Photo
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Liz Bondi

Group Benefits Administrator, Bell Financial Inc.

Liz joined Bell Financial in December 2008 and has assumed the role of Group Benefits & Insurance Administrator, looking after the needs of our many group businesses. Her ability to learn quickly and pleasant personality have led to many compliments from happy clients.

Liz is a graduate of Guelph University and lives with her young family nearby in Barrie.

Krista Cardoso Photo
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Krista Cardoso

Administrative Assistant, Manulife Securities Incorporated

Insurance Administrator, Bell Financial Inc.

Krista is an invaluable addition to the administration team at Bell Financial.  Her ability to learn quickly, her dedication, and her outgoing and compassionate personality have enabled her to seamlessly become a key member of the Bell Financial family.

Krista lives in nearby Newmarket with her two young children.

Brittany Wolff Photo
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Brittany Wolff

Client Sales Assistant, Manulife Securities Incorporated



Brittany completed her undergraduate degree in Business Administration at Bishop’s University. Upon graduation, she worked within the wealth management industry in downtown Toronto for 2 years. Brittany has recently joined our administration team at Bell Financial, working alongside Sonia and Krista.

She loves to ski, golf, and read, and lives in Newmarket with her dog, Stella.

Ellen Bell Photo
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Ellen Bell

Bookkeeper, Bell Financial Inc.

Ellen has been an integral part of Bell Financial since its inception in 1996. Her primary role is that of company comptroller, but she is also an important voice on the management team and takes a lead role on many projects.

Ellen and Bill have three daughters, Leah, Deandra, and Alexis, and four rambunctious grandchildren.

Leah Earle Photo
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Leah Earle

Social Media and Marketing, Bell Financial Inc

Leah is a Guelph alumnus whose work history includes time as a waitress, a party coordinator, and briefly as a pirate. She has a post-graduate degree in video journalism and previously worked in corporate video.

As Bill and Ellen's eldest daughter this isn't the first position she has taken at Bell Financial but it is the most permanent.  As social media and marketing manager Leah works on the computer all day doing who knows what.

When Leah isn't working she's usually found having a wild dance party with her two crazy boys Rowan and Callum.

Almost forgot she is also married to Jon.