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Investment & Risk Management

Investment Strategy

We will work with each client to determine reasonable goals, and then help find an appropriate investment strategy to fit their circumstances.  Success should not be about measuring the portfolio over the most recent quarter, but rather achieving the long-term results each client is working towards.  

The Platform

  • Securities: Traditional and Fee-Based Investing is offered through our dealer Manulife Wealth Inc.(Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, OMs, Bonds, GICs, and more...)
  • Insured Investments: Segregated funds, GICs, Annuities, and GMWBs available from several providers.
  • Banking Products: GICs offered from many banks through Manulife Wealth Inc..  Lending, low-cost/high-interest savings, and GICs offered through referral program at Manulife Bank.
  • Private Equity: Through referral programs at Manulife Wealth Inc., we coordinate and manage relationships with private wealth firms to open up unique opportunities for high net worth clients.


Manulife Wealth Inc. is our dealer, but they do not influence what investment management firms we recommend for clients.  Manulife’s reputation for attracting and supporting a team of truly independent advisors is one of their great strengths and is at the core of why we choose to partner with them.    

The Team Factor

We think our unique Advisor Team offers an edge to our clients when it comes to navigating, assessing, and monitoring the virtually endless opportunities available through the investment and insurance platforms. With Nick’s in-office role dedicated to research, analysis, and planning, more time is spent understanding and keeping up to date with the vast array of opportunities and determining if and where they best fit in each client’s plan.  

Bill, Jon, and Nick are all Chartered Investment Managers (CIM®) with decades of collective money management experience.  They are dedicated to managing client assets with professional, responsible, and timely execution.    

We have the knowledge, the experience and the tools necessary to navigate a virtually limitless array of investment opportunities and make responsible recommendations. Ultimately, each investor and situation is unique. We strive to understand our clients, and the unique situations they are in as completely as possible, allowing us to recommend the most appropriate platform, products, and strategies with confidence.  Adjustments are ongoing as changing circumstances dictate. 

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Risk Management

What is Risk Management?

Life is unpredictable. Some events we just don't see coming, such as loss of life, diability, or criticall illness.  These can have a huge impact on our financial lives. Risk Managment helps us prepare and protect both ourselves and those we care about.

Learn more about the following service:

Critical Illness insurance

Critical Illness insurance provides a lump sum benefit at the onset of any of the named conditions in the contract – most notably: heart attack, stroke, and cancer.  

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Disability Insurance

Disability is a risk that you cannot afford to ignore. The resulting loss of income along with the potential for increased costs during the period of disability can be devastating to you and your family. Steps should be taken to mitigate this risk with an appropriate disability income insurance plan.  

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is all about caring for someone else. In essence, there are two reasons to own life insurance: 

  1. You want to protect the future of those financially dependent on you in the event you should die prematurely.
  2. You want to increase the wealth that you leave behind for heirs and organizations that you care about.
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Corporate Insurance Needs

There are of course, other uses for life insurance, especially in business settings, where the risk to a company associated with losing a key employee or owner is often great enough to warrant an insurance solution. Additionally, life insurance is often used to ensure that debts are eliminated when the borrower dies to ensure that assets can be retained by the business or the family of the survivor. 

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is important to help protect you, your family or visitors to Canada from costs that can occur due to an unforeseen medical emergency during a trip or an unexpected reason to cancel or interrupt a trip.  

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Through Manulife we are able to offer travel insurance to cover off any need:

  • Travelling out of province
  • A visitor to Canada
  • A student studying abroad or out of province
  • An international student studying in Canada

      Manulife Financial Travel Insurance 

Dental Insurance

If you currently have no Health & Dental coverage, or are looking to continue coverage after your employee benefits end, Manulife has a plan that can help. Check out Manulife Financial Health & Dental Plans