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Bell Financial Shares Awesome Grad Pics Thumbnail

Bell Financial Shares Awesome Grad Pics

Did you read the spring 2019 issue of our newsletter? If not you can do that now right here

If you did read it then I know what you are up to! You are looking for this...

Who are these young people? What are they doing? What year is it?!?

Name: Sonia Colhoun
Age: 23
Graduated: Bachelor of Science
Year: 1994

Name: Leah Earle
Age: 5
Graduated: Kindergarten
Year: 1991

Name: Marie Wood
Age: 20
Graduated: Nursing College
Year: 1969

Name: Nick Earle
Age: 19
Graduated: High school
Year: 1999

Name: Gloria Fragomeni
Age: 20
Graduated: Business Administration
Year: 1986

Name: Bill Bell (with wife Ellen)
Age: 24
Graduated: Bachelor of Education
Year: 1981

Name: Jon Earle
Age: 18
Graduated: High school
Year: 2000

Name: David Frank
Age: 22
Graduated: Bachelor of Arts
Year: 1983

Name: Brittany Wolff
Age: 21
Graduated: Bachelor of Business Administration
Year: 2015