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Blood Won Lessons about Finance From the Houses of Game of Thrones Thumbnail

Blood Won Lessons about Finance From the Houses of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is back with a new season and I’ve never seen winter welcomed so heartily in the midst of summer.

Looking at the show from a financial perspective one notices that there is a lot to be learned from the residents of Westeros and surrounding area about finances.
Here are a few houses with their number one financial tip:

House Mormont

To live in service of others is noble but make sure they understand your value before it’s too late.

House Tyrell

Beware of bad investments or shall we say who you ‘get into bed’ with.

House Bolton

Pets are expensive and can ‘eat up’ your budget.

House Greyjoy

Iron/Ore is a commodity that fluctuates in price frequently. It’s best to keep a watched eye on its current rate if you’re going to inevitably have to pay the ‘Iron Price’.

House Targaryen

When facilitating merges and accusations a dragon is a great asset.

House Martell

It’s best to leave emotion out of financial decisions especially when dealing with wild and exotic markets.

House Arryn

Beware of swindlers. They will charm their way into your lives only to take everything from you and push you down a giant hole (metaphorically).

House Tully

Weddings are pricey endeavors. Ensure both parties are committed for the long term before you pull out your chequebook.

House Baratheon

Paternity assurance is always recommended before you draw up your last will and testament.

House Lannister

Sometimes, on rare occasion, it’s actually hard to pay all your debts so be cautious when building up an infallible reputation for yourself.

House Stark

Planning for the future is good. Planning for a season of dark un-ending winter filled with the undead is impossible.

Well, some great lessons there… where applicable.

Enjoy the new season of GOT and let us know if you notice any other financial lessons we might have missed!

Banners from: http://fuzzysocks102.deviantart.com/art/Game-of-Thrones-House-Sigils-eps-vector-file-458338885