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Why, you ask, should you read our blog? Thumbnail

Why, you ask, should you read our blog?

I’m old enough to distinctly remember what it was like not to be connected to everyone at all times.  In fact, I’m old enough to remember that with a certain feeling of loss.  In the “good old days” I played chess with a friend via Canada Post.  It took an entire school term to complete a game.  And when I needed to gather some information I went to the Encyclopedia Britannica – actual books (23 volumes in all) - that took up a fair amount of the available space on the family bookshelf. 

Today, I can play chess live with someone almost anywhere on the planet.  And all of the knowledge accumulated by mankind – considerably more than 23 printed volumes – is available to me with just a few keystrokes. 

Technology has changed us and will continue to change us with increasing velocity.  And yet, we still crave the same things we did before the Internet was sprung on us some 40 plus years ago.  We want to interact with other human beings and feel the emotional ups and downs of friendship, family, and love.   We want to know what those people who are important to us are thinking and doing.  They could write us a letter.  Or, we could just check their Instagram posts. 

As much as I would like to argue that something has been lost, one cannot dispute the ability of popular social medium platforms to bring to us the most human of connections.

And so, to help us keep you informed with respect to what we are thinking, doing, reading and possibly feeling – we bring you our blog. 

The timing of this release isn’t hard to explain.  We finally have a person with the skills, time and commitment to make our social media presence meaningful.  If you haven’t already been introduced to Leah Earle, you soon will be.  Most, if not all, of the blogs, tweets, and posts will come via her.

So enjoy.  And remember – we are looking for the same thing you are by reading this: a better understanding of the person on the other end.  Send us a note, respond to the blog, repost, and retweet.  Hey, if you want, write us a letter.