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Words to Live By Thumbnail

Words to Live By

“A short sentence or phrase chosen as encapsulating the beliefs or ideals guiding an individual, family, or institution.”

Jeopardy answer: what is a motto.

Everyone has some idea or overlying rule with which they live their lives.

It’s not everything but it’s something that they return to when they have to make a decision or take a leap of faith.

Omar's got


For Dory it's


And of course Yoda the Jedi Master says


For your investing strategy good words to live by are:

Discipline is what will stop you from acting on emotion or rather reacting to news, gossip, or even your mood. Good investing involves seeking professional financial advice, creating goals, and then carefully mapping your way forward.

It’s true that re-evaluation and adjustments are as much a part of financial planning as risk. But more often then not it pays to remain disciplined. Weather the storm. Stay with your plan.

Words to live by in your financial life: Stay Disciplined.